Real height above ground
LW20 altitude sensor

Very small and lightweight AGL measurement

Sense the world around you
with laser technology

Measure height, distance, avoid collisions

Going somewhere?  If you fly, drive or move anywhere under autonomous or manual control then you need a reliable laser sensor to tell you how close things are getting.


The SF11 is an essential tool for drones in agriculture. It enables low flying, while reducing crash risk, to monitor crops for insects, spraying and obtaining higher precision imagery. It is a true plug and play altimeter with great customer support.

We’ve been using the SF03 as an altimeter for keeping to a constant height above ground level during aerial surveys of elephants. ... LightWare technicians were extremely helpful... The laser itself has never given us trouble despite some fairly rough treatment. Highly recommended.

The ArduPilot development team is delighted by the cooperation on LiDAR development that we enjoy with LightWare. LightWare shows a dedication to quality and customer service that is truly fantastic, and that is reflected in the consistent top quality of their products.

Most professional and welcoming service I have ever received, even though I was only purchasing a single sensor at the time. Great company with great people.

LightWare LiDARs have never let me down, their Quality and Reliability is second to none.

As a distance measuring and collision avoidance tool, we are using the SF33T/B sensor. In combination with our self-developed, adjustable sweeping unit and pre-evaluation board it works with great success on our Helicopter UAS.

We have been using LightWare products for the past three years - their products are rock solid. LightWare is responsive to market trends, constantly striving to improve their product offering. Support responses are at "light speed". Clearly committed to making quality, robust products.

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